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[Earthporn] Sunset over the Laguna Meadows east of San Diego [5472x3648] OC (in My r/EARTHPORN favs)   JPG 5472×3648 px, 2.7 MB

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[Earthporn] Laguna 69, Huascaran National Park, Peru  [4032x3024] (in My r/EARTHPORN favs)   JPG 4032×3024 px, 1.9 MB

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[Earthporn] A year ago yesterday, after hiking through snow in Patagonia: Laguna de los Tres, El Chalten, Argentina.  [1600x1068 (in My r/EARTHPORN favs)   JPG 1600×1068 px, 366 KB

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[Earthporn] The otherworldly colours of Laguna Colorada, Bolivia [OC] [3648 × 1950] (in My r/EARTHPORN favs)   JPG 3283×1755 px, 529 KB

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[Earthporn] Licancabur volcano (5916m) & Laguna Verde, Bolivia [3110x2073] [OC] (in My r/EARTHPORN favs)   JPG 3110×2073 px, 661 KB

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[Earthporn] Cress Beach, Laguna Beach, CA [4389x2926][OC] (in My r/EARTHPORN favs)   JPG 4605×3070 px, 1.8 MB

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[Earthporn] Mount Fitzroy and Laguna de Los Tres in Patagonia (1024x768) (in My r/EARTHPORN favs)   JPG 1024×768 px, 190 KB

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[Earthporn] Laguna Colorada AKA the Red Lagoon in South Western Bolivia [OC], travel, [3648x2736] (in My r/EARTHPORN favs)   JPG 3648×2736 px, 1.5 MB

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[Earthporn] Panoramic View of Laguna Colorada, Bolivia [8748x2345] (in My r/EARTHPORN favs)   JPG 8748×2345 px, 2.3 MB

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[Earthporn] Laguna Verde, Bolivian Altiplano [5063x1670] (in My r/EARTHPORN favs)   JPG 5063×1670 px, 691 KB

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San Diego, California. Laguna de Cabrillo, a small pond under Cabrillo Bridge (1915).2062 (in Branson DeCou Stock Images)   JPG 799×761 px, 170 KB

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Flamingoes, Laguna Hedionda, Bolivia (in Beautiful photos and wallpapers)   JPG 1600×1200 px, 387 KB

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A Dust Devil Swirls Across Laguna Colorada, Bolivia (in Beautiful photos and wallpapers)   JPG 1600×1200 px, 485 KB

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Laguna Veneta (in National Geographic Photo Of The Day 2001-2009)   JPG 1024×768 px, 80 KB

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