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[Funny] Groan. Excuse the pun.
[Funny] I heard you all like baby animals. Here's a fawn and a kit.
[Funny] Something really cool must be happening outside the window!
[Funny] Winter is here... Winter never left.
[Funny] If Titanic happened today
[Funny] lion king
[Funny] cheap enough to Say
[Funny] Dear 2017,
[Funny] Who's your favorite Star Wars character?
[Funny] Did i do it right guys?
[Funny] Teachers be like
[Funny] Caveat Emptor
[Funny] Phil Collins is tempting fate in 2016
[Funny] Do I hear...treats?
[Funny] My dad has had this on his keys for years and I just noticed what it says. My mom's name is Debbie...
[Funny] When in Rome..
[Funny] LOL
[Funny] The star wars fans are hoping this is just episode V.
[Funny] Skilled Pupper
[Funny] millennialkeys
[Funny] Oh.. so this is why.
[Funny] focus
[Funny] I don't think they thought this one through...
[Funny] Disorder
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