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im9 gives you:
  1. Images up to 9MB in size
  2. Hotlinking allowed
  3. Animated GIF support
  4. Albums, tags, removing
  5. Pornography allowed
  6. No limits on transfer
  7. Lifelong image hosting
  8. No limits on upload
  9. Open API access
  10. Anonymity & Safety
  11. RSS feed for each album
  12. Searching by colors
  13. Fast GNU/Linux servers
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Shortcut of TOS The friendlier version of Terms Of Service ;-)

  1. Copyright issues are important to us. Upload only images that can be shared online.
  2. Pornography is allowed but it can not involve animals nor children.
  3. Spam / harassment in any form is strictly forbidden.
  4. Jokes are fine and allowed! But serious hate propaganda is forbidden.
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