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Todays top in album:
  1. 2 views: [Mildlyinteresting] There was a person in my pepper.
  2. 2 views: [Mildlyinteresting] I froze my grape powerade and now it isn't purple when frozen
  3. 1 views: [Mildlyinteresting] My sister has an extra crease on her little finger
  4. 1 views: [Mildlyinteresting] Tree with a green core
  5. 1 views: [Mildlyinteresting] Shirt I saw with wolves on it, looked closer and one of the images has two wolves 'mating'
  6. 1 views: [Mildlyinteresting] My blanket disintegrated in the washer
  7. 1 views: [Mildlyinteresting] My local hospital is modeled after an airport - with a concourse, gates, and self service check-in terminals
  8. 1 views: [Mildlyinteresting] A plant makes it look like this guy has a green Mohawk.
  9. 1 views: [Mildlyinteresting] Maintenance sign in my school looks like two people fighting and yelling wet floors
  10. 1 views: [Mildlyinteresting] I work near a pool, and all my tape 'grows'
Top in this album:
  1. 1685 views: [Mildlyinteresting] now has a feature so you can jump to certain section in the video [NSFW]
  2. 406 views: [Mildlyinteresting] My compression shorts made my leg hair mildly interesting after a 9 mile run.
  3. 403 views: [Mildlyinteresting] Knife designed specifically for Nutella jars.
  4. 381 views: [Mildlyinteresting] A porcelain moses dildo found in my sister-in-laws grandmothers basement. 4
  5. 367 views: [Mildlyinteresting] The chandelier at this bar looks like the VX gas beads in the movie The Rock
  6. 360 views: [Mildlyinteresting] Was chatting on Omegle, when I ran into myself.
  7. 359 views: [Mildlyinteresting] Anyone else notice that Fallout Boy photoshopped out the kid's AC-DC shirt for their album?
  8. 348 views: [Mildlyinteresting] A porcelain moses dildo found in my sister-in-laws grandmothers basement. 5
  9. 346 views: [Mildlyinteresting] A porcelain moses dildo found in my sister-in-laws grandmothers basement. 3
  10. 328 views: [Mildlyinteresting] This bell pepper had baby bell peppers growing inside of it
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[Mildlyinteresting] I found a whole potato in my bag of chips - tags: bag, chips, potato
[Mildlyinteresting] I work near a pool, and all my tape 'grows' - tags: grows, pool, tape, work
[Mildlyinteresting] This golden ladybug. - tags: golden, ladybug
[Mildlyinteresting] There is an ass in my boiled egg. - tags: ass, boiled, egg
[Mildlyinteresting] Bank floor worn down from customers in front of tellers - tags: bank, customers, floor, front, worn
[Mildlyinteresting] This wet spot on the concrete looks like a geograhpically accurate silhouette of Africa - tags: accurate, africa, concrete, silhouette, spot, wet
[Mildlyinteresting] The first ingredient in this hot sauce is a different company's hot sauce - tags: company, hot, sauce
[Mildlyinteresting] There are vending machines specifically for Pringles - tags: machines, pringles, specifically, vending
[Mildlyinteresting] My local mall has banned e-cigarettes - tags: banned, cigarettes, local, mall
[Mildlyinteresting] Slapped a mosquito out of the air and got an imprint of its last moment on my finger - tags: air, finger, imprint, moment, mosquito
[Mildlyinteresting] My pants got dusty and created a carbon copy of my ass on the office chair. - tags: ass, carbon, chair, copy, created, office, pants
[Mildlyinteresting] My tylenol capsules are just normal pills with little caps on both ends - tags: caps, capsules, little, normal, pills
[Mildlyinteresting] Interesting pattern carved by worms on a log - tags: carved, interesting, log, pattern, worms
[Mildlyinteresting] This liquor store arranged the Gatorade in rainbow order - tags: arranged, gatorade, liquor, order, rainbow, store
[Mildlyinteresting] This speed bump is bigger than normal - tags: bigger, bump, normal, speed
[Mildlyinteresting] This Taco Bell used to be a bank - tags: bank, bell, taco
[Mildlyinteresting] This salt crystal I found in the tin matches the company logo. - tags: company, crystal, matches, salt, tin
[Mildlyinteresting] Received an unusually large package of fruit snacks in my box - tags: box, fruit, large, package, received, snacks, unusually
[Mildlyinteresting] This car stereo has a record player - tags: car, player, record, stereo
[Mildlyinteresting] My spilled water looks like a squirrel eating a nut. - tags: eating, nut, spilled, squirrel, water
[Mildlyinteresting] My friends mom printed and framed a picture from Facebook. - tags: facebook, framed, friends, mom, picture, printed
[Mildlyinteresting] Working in thin gloves highlighted each individual pore as it began to sweat. - tags: began, gloves, individual, sweat, thin, working
[Mildlyinteresting] These Japanese umbrellas only have patterns when wet. - tags: japanese, patterns, umbrellas, wet
[Mildlyinteresting] The morning frost created spikes on the fence - tags: created, fence, frost, morning, spikes
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