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Todays top in album:
  1. 7 views: [Adviceanimals] Scumbag Steve- Retail Edition
  2. 7 views: [Adviceanimals] Life is a race
  3. 7 views: [Adviceanimals] Sometimes, it's hard being a single, 22-year old living with mom and dad.
  4. 7 views: [Adviceanimals] There are many gay people in the area where I wait tables.
  5. 7 views: [Adviceanimals] After Visiting San Diego for the first time, and my wallet being stolen for the first time.
  6. 6 views: [Adviceanimals] This fucking guy
  7. 6 views: [Adviceanimals] My wife and I had this debate last week
  8. 6 views: [Adviceanimals] My 5yo dropped this on me after a 10 hour car ride.
  9. 6 views: [Adviceanimals] Scumbag Vagina
  10. 6 views: [Adviceanimals] Scumbag Brain gets musical
Top in this album:
  1. 365 views: [Adviceanimals] My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are real winners.
  2. 353 views: [Adviceanimals] My aunt found out about memes and sent me this. She either doesn't understand how they work or she has something
  3. 327 views: [Adviceanimals] Too early for Christmas memes?
  4. 320 views: [Adviceanimals] Introducing Luckless Lucy - the female counterpart to our beloved Bad Luck Brian
  5. 309 views: [Adviceanimals] Yes I see the irony in this. Feel free to prove me wrong.
  6. 274 views: [Adviceanimals] For at least half the things you people claim in your memes
  7. 272 views: [Adviceanimals] I've found what's sure to be reddit's next favorite meme...
  8. 266 views: [Adviceanimals] Before there was Matrix Morpheus... Mitch Hedberg
  9. 259 views: [Adviceanimals] Canadian First World Problems
  10. 253 views: [Adviceanimals] Straya! (Australian version on Murica)
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Tags: watch - [Adviceanimals] Even with my watch tooJPG 430×539 px, 66 KB   Tags: caught, yet - [Adviceanimals] I've never been caught, yetJPG 460×480 px, 65 KB   Tags: asshole, glad, held, little, morning, traffic - [Adviceanimals] This little asshole held up traffic this morning. I'm glad they made it.JPG 666×500 px, 62 KB   Tags: browse, work - [Adviceanimals] I often use Reddit for work, I've got a work username with no subscriptions, I also never browse on my work laptJPG 460×480 px, 63 KB   Tags: conversation, group, guy - [Adviceanimals] Every group conversation needs this guyJPG 500×500 px, 56 KB   Tags: 552x414 - [Adviceanimals] She's bluffingJPG 552×414 px, 57 KB   Tags: beating, friend, girl, problems - [Adviceanimals] A friend of mine keeps beating himself up over 'girl problems'JPG 610×437 px, 80 KB   Tags: father, important, learning - [Adviceanimals] My father has dementia, and I am learning how important this is.JPG 537×390 px, 70 KB   Tags: fighting, ticket - [Adviceanimals] If you're fighting a speeding ticketJPG 610×437 px, 83 KB   Tags: future, mexico - [Adviceanimals] I can see Mexico's futureJPG 500×281 px, 44 KB   Tags: lazy, nice, person - [Adviceanimals] As a lazy person this was nice....JPG 996×1000 px, 108 KB   Tags: explain - [Adviceanimals] Can someone explain this to me??JPG 552×360 px, 59 KB   Tags: feeling, job, searching - [Adviceanimals] Anyone searching for a job will know this feeling all too wellJPG 500×380 px, 43 KB   Tags: difficult, hitting - [Adviceanimals] Hitting snooze has never been so difficult.JPG 552×367 px, 52 KB   Tags: girlfriend, intimate, time - [Adviceanimals] My girlfriend said this to me after being intimate for the first time in a few daysJPG 610×453 px, 66 KB   Tags: amazing, father, man - [Adviceanimals] My father is an amazing manJPG 400×396 px, 47 KB   Tags: boss, drug, happy, randomly, requested, tested - [Adviceanimals] My boss requested to 'randomly' have me drug tested because I'm always happy.JPG 599×337 px, 47 KB   Tags: snow - [Adviceanimals] Where's the snow?JPG 610×488 px, 78 KB   Tags: biggest, growing, learned, lesson - [Adviceanimals] Probably the biggest lesson I've learned growing up.JPG 610×437 px, 71 KB   Tags: dang, oops - [Adviceanimals] Oh ... oops ... dang it.JPG 430×539 px, 63 KB   Tags: business, cleaned, happy, trip, wife - [Adviceanimals] My wife went on a business trip and was happy that I cleaned up before she came back.JPG 610×343 px, 56 KB   Tags: parent - [Adviceanimals] As a parent, this is very usefulJPG 500×334 px, 58 KB   Tags: face, forget, teacher - [Adviceanimals] I'll never forget the look on the teacher's faceJPG 1000×646 px, 125 KB   Tags: brother - [Adviceanimals] My Brother...JPG 600×604 px, 65 KB  
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