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Todays top in the album:
  1. 1 views: [Gaming] A friend of mine makes life size Lego Weapons. 2
  2. 1 views: [Gaming] A Dead Space painting my friend did for me! 1
  3. 1 views: [Gaming] Two different idealologies from Gaming Directors
  4. 1 views: [Gaming] A few months ago, my friend and I played modern ga…
  5. 1 views: [Gaming] Controllers throughout history - I took pics of ev…
  6. 1 views: [Gaming] Exclusivity.
  7. 1 views: [Gaming] My secret Santa went all out!
  8. 1 views: [Gaming] Just finished fixing up two arcade racer games! 11
  9. 1 views: [Gaming] Gamesstop (not a typo)
  10. 1 views: [Gaming] Does this look like the face of mercy?
Top most saved:
  1. 5 saves: [Gaming] The Legend of Zelda: Do not grieve for me
  2. 4 saves: [Gaming] Ah, the majestic landscape of Farcry 3
  3. 4 saves: [Gaming] Just stumbled upon an almost 10yo pic of WoW. This feel…
  4. 4 saves: [Gaming] Dropped my DS and created a bunch of dead pixels, now P…
  5. 4 saves: [Gaming] Concept art of what Bayonetta was originally supposed t…
  6. 4 saves: [Gaming] Was replaying Spryo when my boyfriend pointed out that …
  7. 4 saves: [Gaming] They planned it the whole time.. (kingdomhearts)
  8. 4 saves: [Gaming] Watching Pawn Stars..Apparently BattleToads is rare eno…
  9. 3 saves: [Gaming] Samus drawing I did using prismacolor markers 3
  10. 3 saves: [Gaming] Reversible Covers are my favorite surprises of buying p…
Top in this album:
  1. 636 views: [Gaming] So I work with Lester... [GTA V] 1
  2. 615 views: [Gaming] Who else misunderstood [Glass Him] in The Wol…
  3. 438 views: [Gaming] Finally finished piecing together my entire S…
  4. 401 views: [Gaming] One thing I really want in Mass Effect 4
  5. 398 views: [Gaming] Here are the statues from both the EU and US …
  6. 382 views: [Gaming] These two games suddenly appeared in my Steam…
  7. 379 views: [Gaming] Star Wars 1313 - the game starring Boba Fett,…
  8. 378 views: [Gaming] Incredible Skyrim cosplay. Redguard adventure…
  9. 349 views: [Gaming] [Self] Skyrim Dragonbone Armor - How I made i…
  10. 345 views: [Gaming] Since The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between wor…
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Tags: gaming, legend, zelda - [Gaming] The Legend of Zelda: Do not grieve for meJPG 2550×4200px, 754 KB 31   Tags: birthday, definition, email, favorite, gaming, review, xbox, year - [Gaming] It's my birthday, so Xbox sent me a year in review email. Their definition of 'Favorite' is different than mineJPG 622×402px, 36 KB 44   Tags: gaming, glitch, nes - [Gaming] NES glitchGIF 512×256px, 5.7 MB 22   Tags: gaming, guys - [Gaming] 'I mean like, if you guys are OK with that...'JPG 1512×2688px, 793 KB 19   Tags: gaming, kart, manual, mario, nintendo, screen, super, watching - [Gaming] Nintendo encouraged 'screen-watching' in Super Mario Kart manual.JPG 357×376px, 44 KB 41   Tags: fucking, gaming, man - [Gaming] Fucking rogues, man...JPG 760×658px, 130 KB 28   Tags: cold, gaming, princess, shit - [Gaming] That's some cold shit, PrincessJPG 640×372px, 31 KB 28   Tags: dude, gaming, loop, portable, ps4, starbucks, station - [Gaming] Dude's got a portable PS4 station in Starbucks. Am I just out of the loop? Never seen this.JPG 1530×1137px, 345 KB 42   Tags: assassin, creed, favorite, gaming, part - [Gaming] My favorite part of Assassin's Creed IIJPG 534×1200px, 107 KB 34   Tags: fallout, gaming, peacefully, play - [Gaming] Trying to Play Fallout 4 PeacefullyJPG 1920×1080px, 245 KB 30   Tags: cream, favorite, gaming, ice, truck - [Gaming] My favorite ice cream truck!JPG 625×469px, 78 KB 34   Tags: gaming, real - [Gaming] When the devs get too realJPG 1024×574px, 51 KB 20   Tags: andrew, announcement, gaming, house - [Gaming] What Kojima And Andrew House Were REALLY Saying In Their AnnouncementGIF 400×186px, 15.3 MB 33   Tags: buying, called, game, gaming, isn - [Gaming] Isn't that just called... buying a game?JPG 704×818px, 104 KB 30   Tags: art, cover, fallout, gaming - [Gaming] What the Fallout 5 cover art will look likeJPG 1105×437px, 123 KB 30   Tags: gaming, playing, team - [Gaming] When you're playing CS and there is a squeaker in your teamJPG 1002×563px, 43 KB 23   Tags: chess, game, gaming, human - [Gaming] A human game of chess, 1924JPG 957×780px, 110 KB 24   Tags: amusing, committed, gaming, halo, little, message, suicide - [Gaming] Committed suicide 3 times in Halo 5 and got this amusing little messageJPG 3264×2448px, 767 KB 42   Tags: dark, gaming, nutshell, souls - [Gaming] Dark Souls in a nutshellGIF 400×225px, 3.7 MB 27   Tags: boundaries, gaming, love - [Gaming] Love doesn't know boundariesJPG 511×746px, 76 KB 23   Tags: gaming, loving, skyrim - [Gaming] Skyrim produces very loving marriagesJPG 500×496px, 66 KB 23   Tags: australia, fallout, gaming, melbourne, tram - [Gaming] All aboard the Fallout 4 hype tram! Melbourne, Australia.JPG 1951×1144px, 256 KB 36   Tags: built, gaming, nes - [Gaming] NES built into an NES cartridgeJPG 1024×685px, 89 KB 20   Tags: bullshit, gaming, noticed, playing, time, turtles - [Gaming] Noticed this bullshit while playing Turtles in TimeJPG 647×500px, 92 KB 38  
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