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Todays top in album:
  1. 7 views: [Mapporn] Languages of the Indian subcontinent [3600x4400]
  2. 6 views: [Mapporn] Homicide rates throughout Europe [1113x1171]
  3. 6 views: [Mapporn] Every place I've ever been in Stockholm, Sweden. Details in comments. [6000 × 6894]
  4. 6 views: [Mapporn] Map of California and Nevada Lights (X-post r-California) [GIF] [963 x1112]
  5. 6 views: [Mapporn] Biodiversity Hotspots of the World [1500x1414]
  6. 5 views: [Mapporn] San Francisco Gold Rush-era coast line vs. new land built on landfill [1000x898]
  7. 5 views: [Mapporn] Where does America live? (album in comments) [1728x1728]
  8. 5 views: [Mapporn] USA State Borders: Rivers and Lakes [2500x1875]
  9. 5 views: [Mapporn] Countries by number one song on their Spotify Top 50 [1464x624]
  10. 5 views: [Mapporn] Africa Herb Map [2232x3157]
Top in this album:
  1. 3293 views: [Mapporn] Top rated films on IMDb set and shot in each European country [7087x4961] [OC]
  2. 787 views: [Mapporn] Age of Vikings - Scandinavian settlements in the 8th - 11th century [2000x1314]
  3. 645 views: [Mapporn] Educational Background of World Leaders (December 2013) [3616x1855]
  4. 588 views: [Mapporn] Top rated films on IMDB set in each U.S. state [OC] [3221x1777]
  5. 537 views: [Mapporn] China's Global Economic Footprint: China is the largest trading partner for all red countries [2446x1370]
  6. 524 views: [Mapporn] Proposed borders of Kurdistan [1417x1140]
  7. 463 views: [Mapporn] Model map of Zagreb, Croatia in 1850. (album in comments) [2448×1836]
  8. 454 views: [Mapporn] Arizona's Congressional districts now, and with shortest split line [1800x1165]
  9. 409 views: [Mapporn] World map of currencies (1280x1024)
  10. 403 views: [Mapporn] The original 1919 plan for the State of Israel by the World Zionist Organization. [450x676]
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Tags: map, poet, states - [Mapporn] Map of States with Poet Laureates  [1179x864]JPG 1179×864 px, 106 KB   Tags: british, christmas, empire, map, stamp, world - [Mapporn] Map of the British Empire on the world's first Christmas stamp [838x621]JPG 838×621 px, 206 KB   Tags: american, highway, longest, pan, road, world - [Mapporn] The Pan American Highway. The longest road in the world. [1325x1825]JPG 1325×1828 px, 465 KB   Tags: adjusted, based, inequality, worlds - [Mapporn] The first, second, and third worlds based on inequality-adjusted HDI for 2015, with the same criteria as -u-YuppieFuckJPG 1357×617 px, 112 KB   Tags: buildings, construction, paris - [Mapporn] Paris buildings, by construction date [2294x1537]JPG 2294×1537 px, 1 MB   Tags: global, investment, power, region - [Mapporn] Global investment in renewable power and fuels, by region. [2500x1076]JPG 2500×1076 px, 299 KB   Tags: 2753x1400, annual, hours, map, sunshine, world - [Mapporn] Annual sunshine hours map of the world [2753x1400]JPG 2753×1400 px, 342 KB   Tags: africa, cities, german, south - [Mapporn] German 'Cities' of South Africa [1168x1024]JPG 1168×1024 px, 130 KB   Tags: chicago, downtown, picking, pocket, purse - [Mapporn] Chicago Downtown Purse-Snatching & Pocket-Picking [1209x1765]JPG 1209×1765 px, 281 KB   Tags: glacial, interactive, larger, maximum, source, swiss, switzerland, versions - [Mapporn] Switzerland during the last glacial maximum. Larger and interactive versions in comments. [3735x2580] Source: Swiss FeJPG 3735×2580 px, 1.9 MB   Tags: atlas, empire, historical, roman - [Mapporn] Roman Empire at 395 CE, from 'The Historical Atlas', 1911 - [2316x1861]JPG 2316×1861 px, 924 KB   Tags: racial - [Mapporn] Racial zoning in Johannesburg during apartheid [489x361]JPG 489×361 px, 76 KB   Tags: bedroom, median, miami, rent - [Mapporn] Median 1-Bedroom Rent in Miami[745x1243]JPG 745×1243 px, 158 KB   Tags: codes, connecting, mapping, postal - [Mapporn] Mapping the US by Connecting Postal Codes[940x527]JPG 940×527 px, 161 KB   Tags: delta, map, netherlands, works - [Mapporn] Map of the Delta Works, Netherlands [2970x2529]JPG 2970×2529 px, 1.7 MB   Tags: areas, lithuania, map, protected - [Mapporn] Map of protected areas in Lithuania [2184x1598]JPG 2184×1598 px, 539 KB   Tags: day, finland, languages, national, norway, sweden - [Mapporn] In honour of the recent Sami National Day, the sami languages in Norway, Sweden and Finland.  [2478x3509]JPG 2478×3509 px, 1.5 MB   Tags: africa, cities, dutch, south - [Mapporn] Dutch 'cities' in South Africa [684x599]JPG 684×599 px, 69 KB   Tags: america, comfort, foods, state - [Mapporn] The Unofficial Comfort Foods of Every State in America [2000x1356]JPG 2000×1356 px, 127 KB   Tags: bacon, cycling, map, portion, showing - [Mapporn] Portion of Bacon's Cycling and Motoring Map of Cardiff showing Herefordshire. [3507x2550]JPG 3507×2550 px, 2.2 MB   Tags: american, campbell, compiled, map, society - [Mapporn] Map of Gondwanaland (compiled by Campbell Craddock). American Geographical Society, 1970. [3000x2278]JPG 3000×2278 px, 473 KB   Tags: imperial, invasion, japanese, philippines - [Mapporn] Imperial Japanese invasion of the Philippines, 1941 [655x1069]JPG 655×1069 px, 135 KB   Tags: leningrad, map, soviet - [Mapporn] Soviet Situational Map of Leningrad , 1941 - [1535x953]JPG 1535×953 px, 291 KB   Tags: africa, south - [Mapporn] Renamed settlements in South Africa since 1994 [2416x1848]JPG 2416×1848 px, 448 KB  
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