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Todays top in album:
  1. 16 views: [Mildlyinteresting] now has a feature so you can jump to certain section in the video [NSFW]
  2. 10 views: [Mildlyinteresting] Bought peppermint m&m's. Inside the 281g package was a slightly smaller 280.7 package.
  3. 9 views: [Mildlyinteresting] So I took a close-up of some light bulbs while they were on and inverted the colors...this was the result
  4. 8 views: [Mildlyinteresting] Saw a Best Buy price tag on an album cover on Pandora radio.
  5. 8 views: [Mildlyinteresting] The snow melted everywhere else
  6. 7 views: [Mildlyinteresting] My bathroom window has privacy glass. When I take a shower it frosts up, and looks mildly interesting.
  7. 7 views: [Mildlyinteresting] The back of my cereal box still considers Pluto a planet.
  8. 7 views: [Mildlyinteresting] Amazon's Cyber Monday sales are getting pretty crazy.
  9. 6 views: [Mildlyinteresting] This Walgreens (American convenience store chain) is in an old bank.
  10. 6 views: [Mildlyinteresting] I have the same laptop that was used in 'From Dusk Till Dawn'
Top in this album:
  1. 1716 views: [Mildlyinteresting] now has a feature so you can jump to certain section in the video [NSFW]
  2. 409 views: [Mildlyinteresting] Knife designed specifically for Nutella jars.
  3. 409 views: [Mildlyinteresting] My compression shorts made my leg hair mildly interesting after a 9 mile run.
  4. 384 views: [Mildlyinteresting] A porcelain moses dildo found in my sister-in-laws grandmothers basement. 4
  5. 376 views: [Mildlyinteresting] The chandelier at this bar looks like the VX gas beads in the movie The Rock
  6. 364 views: [Mildlyinteresting] Was chatting on Omegle, when I ran into myself.
  7. 363 views: [Mildlyinteresting] Anyone else notice that Fallout Boy photoshopped out the kid's AC-DC shirt for their album?
  8. 354 views: [Mildlyinteresting] A porcelain moses dildo found in my sister-in-laws grandmothers basement. 5
  9. 348 views: [Mildlyinteresting] A porcelain moses dildo found in my sister-in-laws grandmothers basement. 3
  10. 333 views: [Mildlyinteresting] This bell pepper had baby bell peppers growing inside of it
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Tags: eggs, february, fresh - [Mildlyinteresting] These eggs are fresh until February 30thJPG 1224×1352 px, 185 KB   Tags: one, windows - [Mildlyinteresting] All but one of these windows are tinted.JPG 1490×838 px, 258 KB   Tags: bill, drawn, face, jackson, skull - [Mildlyinteresting] $20 bill with a skull drawn over Jackson's face.JPG 1920×1080 px, 413 KB   Tags: labrador, shadow - [Mildlyinteresting] The cameramen's shadow looks like a labrador.JPG 2447×2447 px, 1 MB   Tags: bar, door, duck, fight, handle - [Mildlyinteresting] Door handle looks like a duck that was in a bar fightJPG 2160×2160 px, 453 KB   Tags: apple, conjoined, runt - [Mildlyinteresting] My apple had a runt conjoined to itJPG 768×1024 px, 94 KB   Tags: extra, finger, little, sister - [Mildlyinteresting] My sister has an extra crease on her little fingerJPG 894×1600 px, 66 KB   Tags: core, green, tree - [Mildlyinteresting] Tree with a green coreJPG 960×960 px, 204 KB   Tags: blanket, washer - [Mildlyinteresting] My blanket disintegrated in the washerJPG 720×960 px, 54 KB   Tags: closer, images, looked, mating, one, saw, shirt, two, wolves - [Mildlyinteresting] Shirt I saw with wolves on it, looked closer and one of the images has two wolves 'mating'JPG 1224×1632 px, 213 KB   Tags: egg, line, turkey - [Mildlyinteresting] Egg assembly line from a butchered turkey.JPG 720×960 px, 101 KB   Tags: document, friend, wall - [Mildlyinteresting] My friend has a document on his wall.JPG 2988×5312 px, 603 KB   Tags: crossing, pedestrian, people, realistic - [Mildlyinteresting] This pedestrian crossing sign has realistic people.JPG 3024×4032 px, 1 MB   Tags: cityscape, pill - [Mildlyinteresting] This cityscape is made of pill wrappersJPG 2800×2094 px, 842 KB   Tags: ink, pages, print, printer, running - [Mildlyinteresting] My printer is running out of ink and didn't print any L's on the pagesJPG 768×1024 px, 76 KB   Tags: default, rare - [Mildlyinteresting] My default router password described my rare birthmark.JPG 1311×487 px, 109 KB   Tags: adult, baby, one, stuck, teeth, tooth - [Mildlyinteresting] One of my adult teeth never came I'm stuck with a forever-baby toothJPG 719×445 px, 32 KB   Tags: airport, check, gates, hospital, local, service - [Mildlyinteresting] My local hospital is modeled after an airport - with a concourse, gates, and self service check-in terminalsJPG 1967×2542 px, 432 KB   Tags: banana - [Mildlyinteresting] Banana on a bananaJPG 720×918 px, 30 KB   Tags: birth, bug, minor, one - [Mildlyinteresting] My birth certificate was one of the minor complications of the Y2K bug.JPG 3264×2304 px, 601 KB   Tags: bottomless, fries, literally, red, robin - [Mildlyinteresting] Red Robin 'bottomless fries' are literally bottomless.JPG 2390×4250 px, 926 KB   Tags: rain, wall, way - [Mildlyinteresting] The way the rain dripped down this wall makes it look like a waveform.JPG 960×540 px, 52 KB   Tags: displays, snap, stand, stock - [Mildlyinteresting] The chromecast stand displays 'Aw, snap!' when out of stockJPG 1600×1200 px, 261 KB   Tags: dad, factory, phone, photo - [Mildlyinteresting] My dad's new phone has a photo in it from the factoryJPG 2368×4208 px, 896 KB  
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