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Todays top in album:
  1. 10 views: [Wtf] Went to an 18th century Japanese sex & pleasure exhibition. Was not disappointed. (Nudity-Porn) 12
  2. 9 views: [Wtf] Found my parents secret stash (x-post from r-funny) [slightly NSFW] 2
  3. 9 views: [Wtf] IT'S MULTIPLYING !!!! [nsfw:porn]
  4. 7 views: [Wtf] Was out for a walk tonight to see Christmas lights. Found these decorations instead. 1
  5. 7 views: [Wtf] Went to an 18th century Japanese sex & pleasure exhibition. Was not disappointed. (Nudity-Porn) 10
  6. 6 views: [Wtf] The increasing salinity of the Salton Sea has killed off millions of fish, their bones wash up on shore and make beaches.
  7. 6 views: [Wtf] Awkward Moments (not found in your average) Children's Bible 8
  8. 6 views: [Wtf] This is why you shouldn't text and drive in a school zone.
  9. 6 views: [Wtf] The other half of the Box of Crazy 25
  10. 6 views: [Wtf] Photographs reportedly depicting activity at a 'krokodil house', new type of heroin which eats the flesh of its users. 10
Top in this album:
  1. 10226 views: [Wtf] How is this even possible, my fear of trypophobia kicks in
  2. 5072 views: [Wtf] I heard some of you guys like puffy nipples. (NSFW)
  3. 3395 views: [Wtf] IT'S MULTIPLYING !!!! [nsfw:porn]
  4. 3333 views: [Wtf] Needs more lube [NSFW]
  5. 2873 views: [Wtf] Does anyone have the prior scene, where they put it in?
  6. 2284 views: [Wtf] Japan, you never disappoint me (x-post from r-japanXXX)
  7. 2150 views: [Wtf] Man with 2 penises 3
  8. 1907 views: [Wtf] Man with 2 penises 6
  9. 1833 views: [Wtf] Man with 2 penises 4
  10. 1659 views: [Wtf] YO DAWG, I HEARD YOU LIKE PUSSY
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#booty #littlegirls #wtf #young
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Tags:  - [Wtf] Typical Russian ritual.JPG 685×1028 px, 167 KB   Tags:  - [Wtf] This is a picture a friend took just outside his 960×720 px, 96 KB   Tags: impressed, pretty, wtf - [Wtf] I'm actually pretty impressed with this.JPG 702×936 px, 38 KB   Tags: chloe, wtf - [Wtf] Go Chloe?JPG 750×864 px, 138 KB   Tags: aftermath, fire, grease, night, small, wtf - [Wtf] Aftermath of our 'small' grease fire last night.JPG 1024×576 px, 100 KB   Tags: airport, russian, store, wtf - [Wtf] Kalashnikov store at russian airportJPG 976×704 px, 63 KB   Tags: kabab, lamb, meat, shop, skewer, wtf - [Wtf] Getting the lamb meat on the skewer at the kabab shopJPG 518×603 px, 58 KB   Tags: pig, pooping, statue, wtf - [Wtf] Pooping Pig StatueJPG 600×749 px, 121 KB   Tags: shoes, sticking, wall, wtf - [Wtf] These shoes sticking out a wall.JPG 800×534 px, 158 KB   Tags: hair, woman, wtf - [Wtf] This woman’s hairJPG 800×1067 px, 179 KB   Tags: dry, wtf - [Wtf] 'Looks dry enough to me'JPG 500×666 px, 30 KB   Tags: daughter, farmer, shoot, sultry, wait, wtf - [Wtf] Sultry Farmer's Daughter Shoot with...wait... wtf?JPG 424×604 px, 82 KB   Tags: charger, diy, wtf - [Wtf] DIY ChargerJPG 600×800 px, 41 KB   Tags: garden, warning, wear, wtf - [Wtf] I will wear these in the garden as a warning to the other molesJPG 2048×1712 px, 222 KB   Tags: bladder, caused, dog, formation, huge, idea, removed, rock, vet, wtf - [Wtf] Huge rock-like formation removed from my dog's bladder. Vet had no idea what it was or what caused it.JPG 1440×2560 px, 357 KB   Tags: hail, house, trailer, wtf - [Wtf] Trailer house vs HailJPG 960×960 px, 112 KB   Tags: eyes, fly, fruit, legs, wtf - [Wtf] A genetically engineered fruit fly with eyes for legsJPG 500×301 px, 39 KB   Tags: average, day, philly, wtf - [Wtf] Just an average day in PhillyJPG 540×540 px, 75 KB   Tags: died, hated, pretty, wtf - [Wtf] My Granpa willed this to me when he died...I'm pretty sure he hated me.JPG 1412×1893 px, 344 KB   Tags: car, happened, house, wreck, wtf - [Wtf] A car wreck that happened by my house.JPG 554×470 px, 46 KB   Tags: contest, dog, rambo, ugliest, winner, world, wtf - [Wtf] Sweepee Rambo, 2016 winner of 'The World's Ugliest Dog' contestJPG 2048×1380 px, 220 KB   Tags: wtf - [Wtf] Shortcut?GIF 200×148 px, 2.2 MB   Tags: tick, wtf - [Wtf] This TickJPG 639×711 px, 42 KB   Tags: italy, venice, wtf - [Wtf] Today in Venice, ItalyJPG 1280×853 px, 100 KB  
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