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Todays top in the album:
  1. 3 views: [Wtf] warning:porn Japanese Tryphobia Manga 9
  2. 3 views: [Wtf] Midget wrestler glides across the ring...on his head.
  3. 3 views: [Wtf] In Victorian times it was sometimes popular to take p…
  4. 3 views: [Wtf] WTF and PSA: Hair Tourniquet Syndrome happens to smal…
  5. 2 views: [Wtf] Meet The Amazing Boy With The World's BIGGEST Hands
  6. 2 views: [Wtf] My girlfriend's dog went to the vet, they removed thi…
  7. 2 views: [Wtf] Ehmmm That's not how it works, is it?
  8. 2 views: [Wtf] My friend witnessed this encounter between Miami's fi…
  9. 2 views: [Wtf] Sat down at a bar in Thailand, Was handed this menu.
  10. 2 views: [Wtf] Progression of a western diamondback rattlesnake bite…
Top most saved:
  1. 39 saves: [Wtf] Necrotizing Fasciitis (Flesh Eating Disease). My friend's …
  2. 19 saves: [Wtf] What was that? WTF
  3. 17 saves: [Wtf] Hold me, thrill me, kiss me...
  4. 17 saves: [Wtf] When using public transportation don't take the seat next …
  5. 16 saves: [Wtf] Friend found this outside her house. Wtf indeed...
  6. 15 saves: [Wtf] Bachelor Party - Wedding Combo
  7. 13 saves: [Wtf] Double Barreled .38 Caliber gun that looks like a smartpho…
  8. 13 saves: [Wtf] Desperate for work!
  9. 11 saves: [Wtf] My friend tattooed this on someone today (Wtf)
  10. 11 saves: [Wtf] Just for kicks and giggles
Top in this album:
  1. 1680 views: [Wtf] The Czech are trying to catch up with the Japane…
  2. 1646 views: [Wtf] ding ding ding ding ding ding *CHOO CHOO!!!*
  3. 1632 views: [Wtf] Man with 2 penises 5
  4. 1523 views: [Wtf] warning:porn Japanese Tryphobia Manga 1
  5. 1429 views: [Wtf] Man, early porn films were weird.
  6. 1398 views: [Wtf] warning:porn Japanese Tryphobia Manga 2
  7. 1337 views: [Wtf] warning:porn Japanese Tryphobia Manga 10
  8. 1314 views: [Wtf] The Czech are trying to catch up with the Japane…
  9. 1263 views: [Wtf] warning:porn Japanese Tryphobia Manga 9
  10. 1221 views: [Wtf] The product of a drugged man and a chainsaw. [NS…
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#girl8996 #wtf6671 #young3711 #nsfw493 #weird140 #sick80
  1. Created: 3 years ago
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Tags: corpse, incredibly, lady, preserved, wtf - [Wtf] The incredibly well-preserved corpse of Lady DaiJPG 736×1104px, 101 KB 36   Tags: ritual, russian, typical, wtf - [Wtf] Typical Russian ritual.JPG 685×1028px, 167 KB 39   Tags: friend, picture, work, wtf - [Wtf] This is a picture a friend took just outside his 960×720px, 96 KB 32   Tags: impressed, pretty, wtf - [Wtf] I'm actually pretty impressed with this.JPG 702×936px, 38 KB 29   Tags: chloe, wtf - [Wtf] Go Chloe?JPG 750×864px, 138 KB 19   Tags: aftermath, fire, grease, night, small, wtf - [Wtf] Aftermath of our 'small' grease fire last night.JPG 1024×576px, 100 KB 51   Tags: airport, russian, store, wtf - [Wtf] Kalashnikov store at russian airportJPG 976×704px, 63 KB 30   Tags: kabab, lamb, meat, shop, skewer, wtf - [Wtf] Getting the lamb meat on the skewer at the kabab shopJPG 518×603px, 58 KB 33   Tags: pig, pooping, statue, wtf - [Wtf] Pooping Pig StatueJPG 600×749px, 121 KB 25   Tags: shoes, sticking, wall, wtf - [Wtf] These shoes sticking out a wall.JPG 800×534px, 158 KB 26   Tags: hair, woman, wtf - [Wtf] This woman’s hairJPG 800×1067px, 179 KB 27   Tags: dry, wtf - [Wtf] 'Looks dry enough to me'JPG 500×666px, 30 KB 16   Tags: daughter, farmer, shoot, sultry, wait, wtf - [Wtf] Sultry Farmer's Daughter Shoot with...wait... wtf?JPG 424×604px, 82 KB 45   Tags: charger, diy, wtf - [Wtf] DIY ChargerJPG 600×800px, 41 KB 21   Tags: garden, warning, wear, wtf - [Wtf] I will wear these in the garden as a warning to the other molesJPG 2048×1712px, 222 KB 23   Tags: bladder, caused, dog, formation, huge, idea, removed, rock, vet, wtf - [Wtf] Huge rock-like formation removed from my dog's bladder. Vet had no idea what it was or what caused it.JPG 1440×2560px, 357 KB 49   Tags: hail, house, trailer, wtf - [Wtf] Trailer house vs HailJPG 960×960px, 112 KB 26   Tags: fly, fruit, wtf - [Wtf] A genetically engineered fruit fly with eyes for legsJPG 500×301px, 39 KB 19   Tags: average, day, philly, wtf - [Wtf] Just an average day in PhillyJPG 540×540px, 75 KB 23   Tags: died, hated, pretty, wtf - [Wtf] My Granpa willed this to me when he died...I'm pretty sure he hated me.JPG 1412×1893px, 344 KB 31   Tags: car, happened, house, wreck, wtf - [Wtf] A car wreck that happened by my house.JPG 554×470px, 46 KB 31   Tags: contest, dog, rambo, ugliest, winner, world, wtf - [Wtf] Sweepee Rambo, 2016 winner of 'The World's Ugliest Dog' contestJPG 2048×1380px, 220 KB 40   Tags: wtf - [Wtf] Shortcut?GIF 200×148px, 2.2 MB 19   Tags: tick, wtf - [Wtf] This TickJPG 639×711px, 42 KB 19  
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